Working Together

Everyone has ideas and dreams about what they want their home to be but bringing that dream into reality is something quite different than having the dream in the first place.

Walter is an amazing man, with exceptional talent, who can actually see the dream you want to make real and is confident enough in himself to make that happen without having to control or change it into his own dream.

The extraordinary thing about Walter is that when the going gets rough he can guide you back to Never Never Land where gumdrop trees really do exist and he knows the landscaper who can plant them. Do you want green, lemon-lime or berry flavor?

Best of all - he makes it fun and keeps you involved - from coloring elevations to making budget calls - which is really important during the course of construction when people's heads can actually explode from the pressure. A terrible way to go - just on the verge of moving in.

Got an idea - head for the shop. The shop is a place where Santa's elves go for training. Nothing you can imagine is beyond Walter's ability to push it further, build it better and make it nicer.

All in all Walter is one of the most gifted designers alive today - as the homes and the people in these pages testify.

Although you may be surprised at some of the decisions you make along the way to getting there - it will be fun - and you will end up with a home far beyond your wildest dreams!

Call me, let's talk about your project.


Walter Powell Architect AIBC