When should I hire Walter?

Whether you are thinking about a small renovation, involving a few thousand dollars, or a multi-million dollar estate, you will gain many advantages by having Walter involved right from the beginning.

Walter has been designing custom homes and family legacy properties for over 30 years, he has the experience that can make a big difference to your project.

Even before you've purchased a site and are just thinking about your options, it is a good time to call Walter. He can help you clarify your priorities and identify any issues regarding the site you are considering.


How are fees determined?

Architects in BC are licensed to practice Architecture by the Architectural Institute of British Columbia (AIBC).

The AIBC Tariff of Fees recommends a minimum range of fees that are appropriate in order to perform a described scope of work.

"Published fee levels are based on historical evidence and current research as to fair value and what is typically necessary to support proper professional service in the public interest." AIBC Tariff of Fees

Architects can work on an hourly rate, a negotiated fixed fee, a percentage fee or some combination of these that make sense for your project.


OK - so how much is that?

Before I can give you a realistic estimate of fees for your project, I need to understand what you are hoping to achieve. What do you want to build? Where is it located? How will you live there? When do you want to start building?

Let's talk about your dream - then I can tell you how I can help you achieve it.

It costs nothing to find out what I can do for you.

Call me, let's talk about your project.


Walter Powell Architect AIBC