People Are Talking

"I call it West Coast Elegance."
SCRD Building Inspector

"I am so excited - I never imagined it would be this nice."
Penny G., Silverstone

"Walter is a creative genius!"
Paul D., Welcome Woods BC

"We are settling in this evening and are simply overwhelmed with the elegance and island comfort of what you have helped us create. We couldn't be happier."
Joe H., Thormanby Island

"We got everything we wanted and more!"
Nancy Z., Savary Island

"Architect Walter Powell of Sunshine Coast Home Design created a stunning 4,500-square-foot four-bedroom cottage with a cedar-shingle exterior and a grand entryway that opens to a vaulted ceiling with a galleria."
Style At Home Magazine - March 2015 Cottage Issue

"Walter Powell is one of the most creative and imaginative individuals that I have encountered."
Tom. D., Osaka Japan

"We are very, very excited.
Thank you Walter for a fabulous job."
April F., Nelson Island

"My house is just amazing. I love it."
Lea P., Welcome Woods BC

"I love it, I love it, I love it."
Joanne H. Thormanby

"Walter arranged our house on the site in absolutely the perfect way - views from everywhere."
Suzy W., Halfmoon Bay BC

"Our house is more than I ever imagined it could be."
David R., Halfmoon Bay

"We are having so much fun with this! We are still reeling with how you nailed it (related to Spock with your mind-melding powers?) It really is just too exciting...you are the best!"
Ingrid N., Selma Park

"Walter was enthusiastic and passionate about the project from the very beginning.  He listened and grasped the things that were important to us and made every effort to incorporate our wish list into the plan while always keeping in mind the budget implications.  He was responsive and readily available to us for updates and discussions.  Walter was extremely professional, honest and forthright in his dealings with us."
Amanda F., Davis Bay

"It is simply brilliant."
Dennis, Gibsons

"I love my house."
Marion C., Gibsons

"We had an idea what we wanted, Walter kept our idea and made it better than we imagined."
Jeff D., Garden Bay

"Walter Powell is a pleasure to work with. His designs are beautiful and he innately understands exactly what people have in mind. We had the pleasure of working with Walter for a magazine worthy beach home on Thormanby Island, building the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry to Walter's specs. Walter was always calm and professional and extremely easy to work with. It's very easy to highly recommend Walter…. he works hard and earns his accolades."
David Coyle Antique Reproductions, Sunshine Coast BC

"I have been working with Walter for four years and I have found him to be a fantastic architect. His attention to detail and customer service is second to none. He is a pleasure to work with and a great problem solver . I am happy to give Walter and Sunshine Coast Home Design my highest recommendation and encourage all to check them out."
Darcy, DHC Plumbing and Heating, Gibsons BC

"I have worked closely with Walter for over two years now on a large residential project of his. It is his exceptional ability to design, communicate, and connect, that really set him apart. Every aspect and stage of the project is highly important to him, including the many people that are involved in the construction process. He creates more than beautiful homes, he creates the positive environments and relationships required for a beautiful home to be realized."
Doug Mulligan, DA Gray Construction, Sunshine Coast BC

"We have been collaborating with Walter on their stunning modern designs to create stairs that are truly one of a kind works of art. Our last project is no exception. On a seaside lot an expression of both cutting edge modern design and rustic charm was blended to create an open modern home with warm living space. The stairs are a design showpiece sure to be featured in design magazines. It was a great working with Walter and we look forward to our next project together."
Adam Baron, Rize Stairs, Vancouver BC

"We retained Walter Powell as our architect to design our new home on Hotel Lake in Garden Bay. My wife and I were very impressed by Walter's expertise and experience and friendly manner. We were inexperienced with home design and anxious, but Walter made us feel immediately at ease. We couldn't be happier with the home that Walter designed for us and can highly recommend Walter without hesitation to others. We found Walter's fees to be reasonable and his invoices were fully detailed. In addition to Walter's expert architectural skill, Walter's local knowledge of the permitting and variance process proved invaluable in obtaining a variance to the zoning setback requirements without which it would have been difficult to build the beautiful home that Walter designed and which we are now thoroughly enjoying."
Tim B, Hotel Lake BC

"We are a company that supplies and installs exterior metal cladding to buildings, commercial and residential. Working with Walter Powell on a high end residence on the Sunshine Coast was a genuine pleasure. Finding practical solutions to issues that arose during this project, we found dealing with his firm professional and efficient.  The hands on approach with good communication and site visits whenever required resulted in a product that the client is happy with and we are proud of."
Chris, Summit Steel, Vancouver BC

"We hired Walter Powell as our architect and project manager to build our next stage in life home. We chose to build a custom built home after raising our families in historical and "big development" homes. Walter was supportive, accessible and knowledgeable in determining our voice and establishing our dreams in the reality of achieving our home. Custom building is like your first experience on a roller coaster, you feel like you can touch heaven and you can crash to earth. Walter road that ride with us calming our fears, guiding us thorough our excitement and gently bringing us to reality (earth) he assisted us in great design and layout of our home, materials and superlative contractor. Long journey but worth it by any measure."
Kathleen L., Edmonton Alberta

"We hired Walter after checking his projects and meeting him. His experience, imagination and obvious dedication to his profession and projects were instrumental in choosing him. We presented Walter with a long wish list and some pictures, from which he produced a unique and striking modern design. 

Throughout the design and construction Walter was always available with explanations and great ideas. We flew in occasionally to meet the contractor and Walter to fine tune our choices. Both Walter and the contractor were excellent to work with. The project exceeded our expectations. While keeping an eye on the budget, and saving money in many phases of the project, the end result was an amazing home. 

Walter has our full confidence and we would recommend him in a heartbeat. "
Connie S., Sunshine Coast BC

"We hired Walter based on his already impressive portfolio and stellar reviews. During our interaction with Walter we found him to be exceptionally good in LISTENING and HEARING what we wanted for our beach house in Belize. Very receptive, detailed, professional and patient in his approach. His creative ideas helped us fully identify what we want and don't want/need. His deep knowledge and expertise is abundantly showing his experience, and that gave us confidence that the project will be, and indeed it was, completed on time and to our full satisfaction. 

For anyone in need of an architect with highest professional credentials, experience and warm attitude, i wouldn't hesitate strongly recommending Walter, as i'm confident he'll add tremendous value to your project."
Bill B., Belize

"We had the pleasure of working with Walter Powell, from Sunshine Coast Home Design, on a custom build home in Gibson’s, BC. Walter’s fine attention to the architectural detailing and discerning eye for design truly set the tone for the interior design package. Walter was very conscientious of both the trades’ and clients’ needs and addressed and conducted matters with great professionalism. Walter managed the site through the entire build process and was willing to resolve and suggest solutions as they surfaced. It was a great collaboration, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with Walter again."
Kelly Deck Design, Vancouver BC

"We hired Walter to design a small waterfront home for us. He came up with a very creative design which we worked together on and fine-tuned. It was a challenging project due to the nature of the building site. We are very pleased with the design he did for us."
Linda H., Wood Bay BC

"We believe Walter Powell is a visionary architect. It was fascinating to watch as he took our long list of requests and desires to design the stunning regional modern home we call Bench 170. All of our requirements were met and when the house was erected, revealed further inspiration of his design.
We were particularly impressed with the mastery of scale, flow and livability. It was fun to work together with Walter, he welcomes ‘outside of the box’ ideas and use of alternative materials. We would highly recommend Walter of Sunshine Coast Home Design as he is a person of integrity and a consummate professional. His friendly voice and expert advice was only a phone call away for all of our questions. 
We love our home. Thank you Walter"
Ingrid and Marc N., Sunshine Coast BC

"Walter at Sunshine Coast Home Design was the architect on a vacation home we recently built and he also managed our project from start to finish. We were extremely pleased with the architecture and the final product. The house is absolutely beautiful and we couldn't be happier. We had a great experience with Sunshine Coast Home Design. Walter was great at coming up with solutions when problems arose. He was always accessible and responded quickly to any questions or concerns. He was able to recommend a great builder and we had fun working with the entire team."
Sarah M., Bermuda

"Walter was extremely conscientious when discussing our planned addition. He would ensure that we had our "wish list" ticked off while doing the design, and then made sure all our wishes were built to the highest standards. He is very personable (and funny) and made the whole process very enjoyable. As a result, we have a stunning addition that looks and feels whole, homey, and integrated. 

Thanks Wally. "
Paul D., Halfmoon Bay

"Walter Powell designed our waterfront home in Halfmoon Bay. From the first meeting we found Walter to be very enthusiastic. After listening to our needs and wishes he thoughtfully designed our home. Walter was very knowledgeable, up to date and easy to get along with. We are more than happy with the end result."
Frank and Cathy B., Halfmoon Bay BC

"I was fortunate enough in life to be given an opportunity to work with and for Mr. Walter Powell at his Architectural business in Whistler. I found Mr. Powell to be a patient, supportive employer and a highly gifted Architect. Mr. Powell's ability to see the landscape and design a home that always enhanced the setting was a pleasant surprise to me. I had previously worked for another Architectural firm that built square boxes with glass windows. Working for Walter was a completely different experience. I learned a great deal from him and those lessons continue to guide me at times in my life today. 

I felt nothing but pride while working for Mr. Powell. He provided an environment in which he wanted a person to discover their own creativety and utilize their own abilities to do their job and he welcomed suggestions with enthusiasm. I wanted to go to work every day. The excitement of being a part of anything Walter was working on would carry you through a long day and bring you back for more the next day. 

I truly believe that anyone who has an opportunity to work with or for Mr. Powell, will be taken on a wonderful journey from project start to project end. I could not possibly recommend Mr. Powell enough to anyone seeking employment with his firm or for anyone needing the services of a Professional Architect."
Beverly H., Vancouver BC

"Walter is a creative genius. It's just that simple."
Douglas D, Mont Tremblant Quebec


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