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Building on Islands and Remote Sites

Many beautiful properties exist along The Sunshine Coast that are on islands or sites that are accessible only by boat. These sites are often very alluring because of their privacy, beautiful natural landscape and sandy beaches.

The Challenge:

How to build on islands or remote sites with limited access?

The Solution:

No need to put your dream project on hold just because it is on a remote site. What appear to be obstacles are really just opportunities to create a truly unique home for you and your family.

All the power you need can be supplied by solar and wind energy. Refrigeration, cooking and heating can be propane and thermal mass fireplaces augmented by passive solar.

Water sources are abundant using wells, rain water collection and storage from appropriately designed roofs.

picture of an island retreat

Everything to build this solar powered island retreat was brought by boat and barge. See more of this project...>

Sewage treatment can be supplied by composting toilets, bio-mass and natural pond filtration systems as well as traditional septic fields.

Buildings can be designed to use only materials that are easily handled - avoiding large beams, concrete and heavy equipment.

Take advantage of the natural materials, like wood and stone, that are already on site to reduce costs and create truly unique homes.

Site features can also be used to collect rain water into holding ponds and can result in a beautiful relationship between the home and it's natural environment.

Materials, including concrete, can be barged to the site and, in extreme circumstances, a helicopter can be a cost effective alternative to place entire sections of the house that have been prefabricated elsewhere.

The keys to building remotely are to design a simple yet beautiful home, take advantage of site features and use materials that can be moved easily and quickly without creating huge costs.

See pictures of a beautiful island retreat ...>


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